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Outdated Fitness Equipment of the Decade

Here are the 10 outdated fitness equipment of the decade.

1. Electronic ab belts
These belts claim to work your muscles by sending charges to flex your muscles. I personally bought into the hype and purchased an electronic ab belt. I followed all the instructions and tried the belt for a few months. I lost interest and didn’t see any noticeable results.

2. Slam-Man
The Slam-Man gives a human shape to a punching bag. I thought this was a good idea for learning self defense. I did find this item to be a great stress reliever and a better focal point to practice boxing in comparison to a punching bag.

3. The Ab Lounge
The Ab Lounge is produced by Tony Little. I know of a few of my friends who have purchased this item and they did not see any results with the use of it and some even stated that they use it more like a lounge chair instead of a workout device.

4. Cheeks Exercise sandals
The Cheeks Exercise sandals are also produced by Tony Little. These sandals claim to give you a workout just by simply walking around. This product has now been outdated and improved to the next step of footwear being turned into a form of exercise equipment.There is now a newer product out of tennis shoes that claim to do the same thing.

5. Manual folding treadmill
Manual folding treadmills were thought to be a new way to bring the large exercise equipment of a treadmill together with the convenience of folding it away to conceal it and make for a better storage alternative. The problem with these are that they are considered to be flimsy and not able to hold up to the actions that a treadmill is supposed to support.

6. Jumpsnap jumprope
The Jumpsnap jumprope is basically a jump rope without the rope. It sold like wildfire for its simplistic design of being two handles and no rope made it easy to jump rope anywhere. Since there was no rope there was no coordination practice of having a target to jump over.

7. Shake Weight
The shake weight I found to be a very unique craze that a lot of celebrities promoted. It is what it sounds like. It is a dumbbell that shakes by using a new technology called Dynamic Inertia. Upon watching the video of this I thought it was more of a way to jolt your arms out of place or cause more of a strain on your body rather than a healthy workout.

8. 3 minute legs
The 3 minute legs has two steel tubes attached to a seat. It is a lower body sculpting machine that uses assistance technology to take away the stress of the workout.

9. The Rock and Go
When I came across the Rock and Go, I quickly found that it closely resembled a scaled down version of a mechanical bull.

10. Ab scissor ultra
Body by Jake’s ab scissor ultra is more costly then similar equipment. It basically gives you another way to do crunches.